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    "Extra. Extra. Read all about it..." is what the corner newspaper boy used to say. Well, here we have extra papers written on topics by Charles Stambaugh. Plus extra fun like games made by him and links listed by him.
New Heart Beat Beliefs
Speaking in Tongues
Entire Sanctification
King James Version Only?
Church of No Return
General Discourage
Bible Jeopardy 1
Bible Jeopardy 2
The above games use Power Point.

Thou Shalt Not Covert
If I Was Going on a Trip
Going on Noah's Ark
The I Game
Bible Gateway
Christian Fellowship Devotionals
Cross Walk
Fellowship Tract League
God's Minute Devotions
Got Questions Org
KJV Dictionary
KJV Complete Online
KJV 400th Anniversary video
True Life video answers
Our Daily Bread
21st Century Christianity
Another Charles' Launched Site
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