Mini Bites
   These are small spiritual snack devotions.They are similar to My Real Illustrations but in a smaller format. Most were written 2004-2007 with only a few printed copies were handed out.They have returned for your enjoyment.They are sweet, so one bite a day or you could become spiritual hyperactive.
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After The Fireworks

Doctor was Watching

Feed My Lambs

I was Left Behind

My Other Wife

Not Married

Our Lost Son

Struck by Lightening

The President Waved

Vacation From God

Which State Are You
Bible Just A Book

Failed To Charge

Guardian Angels

Investing In Youth

Never Obsolete

One Arm

Rent A Reverend

Swing The Bat

Till Death

Voice Of Departed

Whole World Stinks
Chritmas Without Christ

Father Band-Aid

I Am not Lost

Man's Best Friend

New Parents

Jealous God

Responsible Fruit

Tax Collectors

Tried By Fire

Wanted More Patients

Wife Drinks It
Doc Stambaugh

Fear of Flying

I Keep My Promises

My Obituary

Not I

Our Calling

Since The Fall

The Good Doctor

Twister Warning

Whatever It Takes

Wish You Told Me