Charles L Stambaugh grew up in York, PA. He became a Christian, in his bedroom when he was in the ninth grade. He had heard the Gospel since he was a child but never accepted salvation until reading a book called This Way to Happiness by Clyde Narramore. He attended York Gospel Center in his youth and presently Church of the Open Door of York Pa. He has a wife Susan, two sons and two granddaughters. He graduated with a BS in Radio and TV from Liberty University 74-78. He spent over 45 years in church media ministries and several years in various church children programs. His employment as been in the control electronics field (38 years) and as a part time tax collector.
     On April 29, 2014, he had a near death experience. Through that experience, the Lord directed Charles to walk away from church media and start a monthly devotion ministry. He started with a hand full of email addresses. He received an overwhelming response and has so much material to share that in a few months, he was lead to design and start this website. He is not a pastor, nor is ordained. He considers himself a conservative fundamental independent that uses the King James Version but he does not consider himself aggressive, legalist nor dogmatic. His beliefs are attached.
    This website is a part of New Heart Beat Devotions, an email devotional
ministry, started by Charles on September 1, 2014 with a handful of readers.
The website was launched five months later, March 1, 2015. At the
September one year anniversary, the website contained 24 illustrated
devotions, 45 mini devotions, 22 quotes, 4 white papers and 150 Bible
chapter outlines written by Charles, with over 70 illustrated jokes. At the one
year anniversary of the website, it was switched to a free sever and updated
with a improved website builder with a free newer computer. At that time, the
site had over 1,200 hits and over 200 email monthly readers.
     By the second year, New Heart Beat Devotions with about 2,000 hits and
over 250 e-mail readers. The website contained 53 illustrated devotions, 45
mini devotions, 44 quotes, 6 white papers, 260 Bible chapter outlines, over
200 jokes, hundreds of graphics and several music videos. It was added to
FaceBook and is now linked from Christian Fellowship Devotionals, God's
Minute Devotions, The Christian Counter and 21st Century Christianity.
    Charles had to take special English classes just so he could pass High School and College. His 6 and 8 year old grandchildren have to correct him when he reads to them. (His sister, Karen, is helping to proof the devotionals for Him.) With the Lord, He does not want our abilities but our availability. This way I do not take the credit. I just yield my mind and hands to God. For this reason, the words Us is often used in New Heart Beat Devotions ministry.

If you have questions, comments, or want to discuss about our Lord, you can contact us here.
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Thank you all for your prayers and support these two years. So many lives are being touched. To God be the glory..