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If you came to get a free car insurance quote, you came to the wrong website. Most of them from New Heart Beat Devotions.
Ask not what God can do for you but ask what you can do for God."
"The only person who can keep us from calling GOD is ..... ourselves."
"People are dieing to hear the message."
"When our life ends it will be a surprise, but it does not have to be an ending with a surprise."
"How much time will we be spending in thanksgiving in Thanksgiving?"
"Governmental officials are to obey them, respect them, pray for them, and sometimes show them the error of their ways."
"Lord, I am sinking in sin and without You, I cann't get up."
"Two areas you should avoid: land mines and mine temptations."
"You may not be buried twice but you can die twice."
"Are you a Christian because of cultural, convenience, commitment or conversion?"

"Are you a true believer or are you just wearing the uniform?"
"If you try washing your sins away by worldly means, you will only get surface irritations because they are deeper than skin deep."
"Others should see that God is not dead by the relationship you have with Him."
"Your final destination is booked. Details are listed in the Good Book."
"The word believe is so powerful that it is our key to faith, salvation, purpose, change, peace, joy, fulfillment and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
"It's not 'Happy Holidays' but 'Merry Christmas'. It is like a birthday celebration, but your name is not mentioned nor are you honored."
"Don't weather away, when you can weather life storms with Him who controls the weather."
"Those who sin less can sometimes think they are sinless by their attitudes and become the most difficult people to be with."
"Those who accept Christ will receive a true forever stamp."
"Is God your engineer or do you have Him sitting in your caboose?"
"Yield to the Holy Spirit and not to the spirit of fear. Then your superstitions will become spiritual successes."
"People will remember us more by what we did then what we had."
“We must seek the Lord to open our eyes to His protection, strength, and control so we can walk through the battles of life with no reaction.”
“We need to keep moving only forward following our GPS (God’s Personal Savior).” 
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