Here are some udder jokes....
Why did the capacitor kiss the diode?

He just couldn't resistor. 

That could be very

Don't worry, more jokes will be coming soon.
But that is what I am worried about.
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What do you call a cow and a calf in France?
Decal and Decaf
both waving a de tail
Why was a vet was called to look at a football player?

Because he had injured his calf.

What did one calf utter to the other?

  Mooo over and use the other udder

What kind of cars do electricians drive?


There are no Walmarts in Afghanistan because there is a Target on every corner.
Federal Express and UPS is going to merge with a name of FedUp.
Medics rush to the track and field event because they heard someone got a handoff.
A girl broke her finger at school, but on the other hand she was completely fine.
A butcher shop had a sign up:
“We De Liver.”
A puppet show got a poor rating because it had handouts.
If money does not grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

The bank kept losing employees because they lost interest.

If a man is working at a bank counter, should he be called a tell him.and not tell her?
A robber tried to hold up a bank but it was to heavy for him.
An unarmed robber has no means of carying the cash.
Someone stole weight loss pills.The police are warning us that they are still at large.
A robber went to the post office and said "Stick them up." The postmaster replied  "Sorry all we have are self-adhesive."  
Pilots always pass through rainbows with flying colors.
I would like to fly to Holland one day. Wooden shoe?
A student could not answer what one tenth plus one tenth was, because it would have been too tenses.

Math class was cancelled because there were too many problems.
Do you know why the Starship Enterprise had a red alert during Christmas?
Someone put window clingons on the bridge screen.
Warning, Getting sick at the airport could be terminal.
The cost of the new space project is going to be out of this world.
How do you organize enough space for a party? You planet.
What is a computer’s favorite food? Microchips.
Apple Computer is now designing cars, but they are having trouble installing Windows.
Children who mess up their coloring always need a shoulder to crayon.
Why didn’t the teddy bear eat at the birthday party?

He was already stuff

A boy throw butter out the window because he wanted to see butter fly.
Can February March?

No, but April May.
What did Middle Ages kings say to their armies at night?
Good Knight

A local paper hired electricians to be writers because they know about current issues.
Did you know cars are in the Bible?  It is recorded that the disciples were all in one Acord.
Why don’t all couples go to the gym?
Because not all relationships do not work out.
The tomato said, “Lettuce us not watch the salad dressing or we could be tossed."
Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.
A group of termites wanted to know where was the bar tender.
I tried to peel potatoes but there was a grater problem.
A man wanted to buy a new chimney because he heard the price was "on the house.”
A farmer wanted Santa to work in his field, during off season, because he was good at Ho Ho Ho.

What can you serve but should never eat?
A tennis ball.  
A scarecrow won an Emmy because he was outstanding in his field.

I cannot wait to see how the new reversible jackets turn out.
The new President told the coal industry that a mind is a terrible thing to waste while the previous President told them never mine.
In France, the Catholic Church has monks, nuns priests and French Frays.
What time is the best to see the Dentists?

Tooth hurty
Payless Shoes recently reported considering closing 1,000 stores. They are on the heels of bankruptcy with a $600 million debt. Since they been on a shoestring budget, they have seen as many souls. The remaining employees will be pay less. Leather us slipper over there and shoe them our size so they would not get the boot.
When I got a pizza delivered,
it was broken.
I had to clued it together with tomato paste.
Tell me your jokes and they may show up here.
A comedian was outstanding in his field because he was telling corny jokes to a lot of ears, but he could not tell them to just colonels because they only had armies.
A bakery was making a lot of dough until he went into a hole making donuts.
A local pool needed lifesavers for the summer so an applicant
asked what flavor.
If seven days make one week, how many days does it take to make them strong again?
News Flash:   The Wizard of OZ tin man was arrested today at New York airport for setting off the metal detector.  He explained that he cannot strip down.
Why did several cows go into the farmer’s house?
They wanted to be heard.
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